"Straight From The Earth"
Natural skincare imagined by Harrison, a materials science engineer whose hands were always close to the Earth.
"Enduring The Elements"
As an adventure junkie, his skin endured strenuous rock dust during the summer and piercing windburn while skiing during the winter.
"Natural Skincare"
Harrison had tried numerous skincare products from various brands, but after reaction burns to synthetic products, he decided he needed an all natural way to clean and care for his skin, utilizing the very Earth from which he trekked.
"Mineral Enriched"
Along with a team of scientists, he searched the globe high and low for unique minerals to complement your skin.
"Natural Clays"
Across Europe and the Americas, various clays were analyzed. Some clays are great at absorbing oil, some remove dirt and toxins like none other, and some provide mineral nourishment for the skin. The right combination can revitalize your skin.
"Hydration Mineral"
Eureka! Off the coast of the Netherlands, the team encountered a naturally occurring magnesium-based mineral, which absorbs moisture from the air and allows your skin to retain that moisture. It's 100% natural, but almost magical in a sense.
"Teraclay Is Born"
Behold! The Ultra Mineral Facial Cleanser is created. Powerful to clean all dirt and debris off your skin. But contains Teraclay's natural mineral solution to hydrate the skin and prevent dryness, especially after a dry day on the mountains.
"Tera" derived from "terra"
meaning terrain or Earth!
"Get The Set"
These Earthly minerals benefit the skin so well. Why not create an entire set to cleanse, buff, detoxify, refine, and moisturize the skin naturally! Explore Teraclay's Ultra Mineral Collection to live your most radiant life.